play:Sub App

play:Sub — Subsonic Music Streamer

play:Sub — Subsonic Music Streamer lets you stream your music from your home computer or NAS to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch - everywhere you go, your music goes too.

Connect play:Sub to your Subsonic server and enjoy your music - everywhere, anytime.


Browse your music your way, be it by folder, artist or album.

Control playback using gestures, buttons or remote controlled from you headset.

Play on anything: builtin speaker, headphones, Bluetooth connected headphones/amp/speaker/car-stereo or AirPlay devices.

Re-discover music with Random Albums or Tracks.


play:Sub streams your music over any connection, and caches songs for when connectivity is bad.

Played songs are cached automatically, and you can manually cache individual songs or entire folders, artists or albums.



  • Intuitive and beautiful interface, giving a smooth, wait-free experience.
  • Browse your music by folder, artist, album or track.
  • Play your music over cellular or WiFi connection, at home or on the move.
  • Play cached music when connectivity is bad.
  • Streams directly from your home computer or NAS to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • Plays any audio format supported by Subsonic.
  • Easily see your newest albums, or re-discover music with the random albums or songs feature.
  • Quick access to currently playing song information, playback controls and playlist.
  • Automatic caching of played tracks, including pre-caching of upcoming tracks.
  • Manually cache selected folders, artists, albums or tracks without having to play them.
  • Seamless offline mode - shows only cached content.
  • Fully integrated with you iDevice: AirPlay, Bluetooth, remote control, lockscreen and control center integration.
  • Resumes music after being interrupted by phone calls and other apps.
  • Streams music from any licensed SubSonic server (v4.8+)


Note: play:Sub requires a licensed installation of Subsonic 4.8 or higher. (